About Us

Kash Crystals began in 2014 as a creative outlet by owner and designer, Ashley Kalimada. After creating a bridal sash for her friend’s wedding, Ashley began making bridal sashes and headbands in her home in Orange County, California. Pushed by her soon-to-be husband to take her hobby to the next level, Ashley created Kash Crystals with a level of uncertainty and excitement as to where it could take her.

Kash Crystals’ first collection featured a limited selection of bridal sashes and headpieces. After slowly supplementing the collection with jewelry, sparkly earrings and bracelet soon took over and became the heart and soul of Kash Crystals. Today, the collection consists of luxurious, cubic zirconia jewelry and embellished bridal sashes. We are committed to creating pieces that are classic, timeless and of the highest quality. Sharing in our customer’s special occasions has been a dream come true, and we are truly grateful to our customers and retailers for their endless support.

Our Founders


Ashley Kalimada, Owner & Designer


Anthony Geach, Owner & Operations